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What’s going on!? Augmented Avatars and Totalist Control


Tom Hanks = Samuel L. Jackson

hanks is samuel l jackson


I noticed it while watching ‘Die Hard With A Vengeance’. It took me a while before I finally saw it: Tom Hanks IS Samuel L. Jackson. And what a performance it is! Unbelievable. But if you watch it again the movie, picturing a Tom Hanks face painted black, you will notice it.

Then Samuel L. Jackson appeared on the ‘Graham Norton Show’ and there was the definite proof for me.

In photo’s and movies they use ‘after effects’ tricks to widen the nose and sometimes alter the ears because they can give away the real identity too soon. On TV guest appearances it is often ‘just’ the makeup.

More on this Black and White thing in my previous posts:

Jimi Hendrix = Allan Toussaint = Jim Croce

Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white? Jerry Seinfeld is Martin Lawrence and other revelations

hendrix is toussaint is croce






Jimi Hendrix = Allan Toussaint = Jim Croce

Jim Croce, my hero. Just recently I listened to Jimi Hendrix. BAM! That is the voice of ALLAN TOUSSAINT. Could it be that… YES!

Jimi is ALIVE and still KICKING…

hendrix is toussaint is croce

Like I blogged before in THIS POST:

So Jim Croce IS Allan Toussaint, Jimi Hendrix, Richard Pryor and many others like Don McLean, Neil Diamond and so on…

All just for us to give as many people as possible someone to support them to create a world where no one stands alone.

For FREEDOM 2.0 take a look at this DUTCH post:

Why freedom is without chance and how it should be

Keith Richards = Lou Reed

They look the same, they sound the same, they ARE the same.

Not a bad thing. To me the right way, done in a very respectful way, to broaden the special gifts of this mega-star. Respect and nothing but respect for this man.

Unlike the ‘YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie IS CELINE DION with CGI’ YouTube fraud I posted earlier…

keith richards is lou reed

Roy Orbison = Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan = June Carter

“The Man In Black”, a song by Johnny Cash, maybe best describes his alter-ego: Roy Orbison. If you take a Cash song and play it back 4 halve notes higher, there he is… Roy Orbison. They do look the same too:

orbison cash

Then there is June Carter. Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan made an album together and after using the +4 trick on this album, I recognized June Carter as Bob Dylan! A small fragment from ‘I Still Miss Someone’ where you first hear Bob Dylan and then Cash but +4:

Compare it to June Carters voice here:



Teletubbies ‘SURVIVOR’ winner


Paul de Krom overleden?

paul-de-krom-alowres rishworth

In 2010 heb ik 10 weken lang het gezelschap van Diederik mogen ervaren en ik ben er 100% zeker van dat ik op deze foto Diederik aankijk…

Mijn oprechte deelneming aan de nabestaanden van Diederik.


YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie IS CELINE DION with CGI

This bothers me AGAIN big time. Another fake amateur break-through, pretending anyone can get famous and the internet makes it possible for our children (yes, I am a 43 year old father of two) to become a superstar!!!

Listen and look at the clip at the end of this post and don’t forget to read my post about the DIGITAL AVATARS,

Christina Grimmie only exists in the media world, like Donald Duck lives in Disneyland. Celine Dion is singing and she is the girl you see on video. I must admit, it is done damn well but then again, if you follow my blog or read through it you will understand that nothing surprises me anymore.

christina celine

I normally try to avoid judging the things I see because the whole media and newspaper world is kinda far from real life for most of us. BUT… YouTube is FREEDOM. It should be a place for all of us and not some kind of IDOLS fraud discouraging others or neglecting new talents by the fake talents professionally big budget created and planned for the next generation artists?

What is REAL? How about news items? 911? The next big thing, far away from your home but all over the internet and influencing everything including TAX, the way you look at your neighbors and so on.

I have tried to contact everything everywhere about my concerns for the past four years or so now and that includes FBI, newspapers, blogsites, politics, amnesty, the white house, celebs, you name it, locally and worldwide but it looks like there’s NOBODY home, NOWHERE.

One (1) news editor from a UK newspaper has confirmed to me -twice- that I am right about my worries but that there is nothing he could do and maybe some paper somewhere would pick a story up if  i’m lucky… But no. Nothing so far.

OK! So here is Christina Grimmie / Celine Dion:

Oh, btw, ‘Dead Ringer For Love’ looks like Celine Dion and Elvis Presley to me… tacky!

You-tube video example:


There’s just so many things that I can’t touch, I’m torn

There's just so many things that I can't touch, I'm torn

There’s just so many things that I can’t touch, I’m torn

Willibrord Frequin = Nico Aaldering

Nico Aaldering, co-host of the Dutch RTL AUTOWERELD show, is Willibrord Fréquin.

(Foto Rob Voss -

Nico Aaldering


Willibrord fréquin


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