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Barack Hussein Obama II – Osama/Cruise/Spielberg

January 12, 2011

This is the most disturbing one.  The top half of the face of president Obama is the same as the top half of the face of Osama Bin Laden. That includes the ears. The bottom half of his face is that of Scientology member Tom Cruise.

On the Osama Bin Laden picture the bottom half is from Steven Spielberg. The nickname of Osama is  ‘ The Director…’

Take a closer look at .

I have reported this to several authorities like the FBI, the White House, Scientology, CNN, NYT, WP and several 911 conspiracy sites but have had NO responses whatsoever. None of them have even taken a look at the site.

I did find a confirmation on this in a Dutch talk-show where the host Robert Jensen tells the far-right Dutch legislator Geert Wilders that he probably wouldn’t become president of the US although he had stolen money from his mother as a kid… Robert Jensen looks like an augmented reality version of Adam Curry…

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