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Tatjana Simic = Magali Gorré

January 12, 2011

Magali Gorré. `I am a Football wife and mum. I write for the magazines Grazia, AvantGarde, Glossy, Esquire, and ManUmag. At the moment I am a columnist for the newspaper Telegraaf. In the past I hosted TV shows and made Guest appearances.´

This women-rights activist is this year as Tatjana participating in a Dutch TV show where they’ll search a man for her. Sounds to me like the forced weddings in some islamic cultures…

[update 2011-4-28: The more  I think about it the more I am convinced of the fact that Tatjana is a victim of this organised media-repressors. What a sick mind has persuaded her into this? I am sure they made her believe it was the best way to defend woman-rights and to do something about the repression of woman in Islamitic cultures. Like most psycho-terror by the time you realise you are a victim it is very hard to turn that around. The alter-ego thing really is a 100% repression trick, trading in her identity for a skin-size prison, leaving no room for Tatjana anymore.  She is defending woman rights being held hostage in a role resembling the woman she is supporting. Kinda like Boris Dittrich does. It magnifies woman from other cultures as being something else. MAN who repress woman are the problem, woman being repressed cannot be blamed for that. You can support them, not help them by telling them they should speak up for themselves.

I personally think Tatjana letting the world know she is proud to be a woman by posing in a magazine or a calendar, making music and being herself is so much more effective than all the time she will spend hidden under somebody else’s skin acting and pretending resulting in magnifying wrong beliefs, making them kinda ‘normal’ or ‘accepted’ instead of unwanted.

Repression of any kind should be something unnatural, illogical, upsetting and unwanted.  Treating each other as equal humans is only reachable by experiencing being treated as equal, starting with the government that has very hypocrite laws and rules preventing this currently despite being a democracy and despite signing the universal declaration of human rights. Like I posted before here in my article about the five unknown worldwide hoaxes in the world. ]

[update april 21th:] She also looks a lot like Anita Dot from 2Unlimited in their newest clip ‘In Da Name Of Love’

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