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What’s going on!? Augmented Avatars and Totalist Control

January 13, 2011

[update: As you can see in my latest posts I have found a way to proof my claims: The Ears. Ears are unique to each individual. Read about it here on and in this article: ]

Welcome to my blog about a very strange, very big fraud that is going on in the world concerning identities, trust and the abuse of charity and media. For a while now I notice faces hidden in other faces. Augmented reality on a professional level. People are hardly aware of the technical advances that are available and are being used right now. Take a look at the Bill Gates video’s to see some near perfect examples of this.


Only after you develop an eye for it you will notice how almost EVERY photo and MOVIE on nearly ALL available media is affected.

[update 2011-10-02] Seems like there is a totalist control regime active that is hiding behind freedom and democracy. Read about Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism here

More thoughts on: What’s going on? A theory: Psychological Holocaust

And where does all our money go? Totalist control means all media income including charity is robbed! It goes here:

Why and How do they do it? Seychelles Special Licence Company (CSL)

Also check the list of famous dead people who possibly are still alive or live on in an augmented avatar way.

Some upsetting and/or amazing examples:

Meat Loaf = Elvis Presley
Brian Gary = Tom Cruise = Obama = Osama !
Tom Hanks = David Pogue, Rob Penn, Bill Maher and more…
HemiJeep19 = Bill Gates Himself (note: blogging on Android)
American Idol 2011: Brett Loewenstern (16) = Brian May (63) (Queen)
Homeless Ted Williams = David Letterman
Leonard Cohen = Ronald Reagan
Obama and the Osama Cruise connection
Pavarotti and the Paul Potts / Susan Boyle connection
Randy Jackson = Will Smith
Simon Cowell-Fuller = Paul Young

I have reported this to the FBI, The White House, Interpol, local and international governments, media and to most of the persons concerning this but with no responses whatsoever so far…

Wende Snijders song ‘The Bakery’:

I look, I walk, I think: Who cares?
I smoke, I drink, and it doesn’t get me anywhere
and my head is spinning, wondering what to do.
I feel time is winning, going round and round … again.

I also believe ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ from QUEEN has got very special truth in it when you consider it is a message from within the ‘cash-dummies’ world to support others and express their frustration and anger.

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