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Bill Gates – Hints at Salman Rushdie?

January 14, 2011

In a previous post I mentioned the discovery of the Augmented Avatar of mr. Bill Gates himself. Notice how the left side of the face looks like Salman Rushdie and the right side is in fear:

I find this happening on numerous pictures on the internet, even on the faces of some amnesty international executives. Often the terror side looks slightly away and above you while the other side looks directly at you. In this Bill Gates example the left side looks a lot like Salman Rushdie. [update: check the Dr.Phil – Salman Rushdie story]

I do have a theory about what could happen on 2012-12-21 and all of this fits in. It would be a global terrorist attack, mainly based on psychology. I don’t want to jump to conclusions however so I’ll wait a little longer refining it before I will publish it.

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