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Dr. Phil – Salman Rushdie

January 17, 2011

Ok. So I think I might get into some kind of trouble by publishing this I do think it should be in the public. Hopefully someone can ease my mind about this.

Considering the fact that the Bill Gates Augmented Avatar has a left-sided facehalf that resembles Salman Rushdie (check here),  I started investigating pictures and noticed the following:

Salman Rushdie could be Dr. Phil. On the above picture, the ears, eyes and nose match. On another picture of Rushdie his ears have changed…. The year 88 is a typical satanic reoccuring number. Temple88, 25 years later it is 2013 and even in Back to the future it was the 88 mph-speed that did the trick.

As I proved in this post about Osama Bin Laden there are strange things happening… Steven Spielberg is all around and the nickname of Osama is ‘The Director’.

Also Dr.Phil is in many augmented avatars recognisable like here and here.

Neither FBI nor local authorities seem to care, no one even responds to my worries for the past six months or so.

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