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Who’s dead? – Who’s bad? – Dead Poets Society?

January 17, 2011

In this post you can read about my discovery of Bob Ross among the living. Either that or his image is used as a ‘augmented avatar’. During the past year or so I bumped into many death celebrities on the net and never could convince myself that it was anything else but purely coincidentally.  Now with all the latest discoveries and the fact that some deaths are also linked to fundraising for charity I will list my findings here to see what you can make of it. I really don’t want to jump to conclusions as there are always possible reasons and circumstances that we cannot know about. Good or bad, fraud or need, I don’t know. Possibly a combination of the two.

Leonard Cohen = Ronald Reagan
Elvis Presley = Meat Loaf
Amy Winehouse = Suzanne Hoff

Ty Pennington = Patrick Swayze
Luciano Pavarotti – Paul Potts, Susan Boyle
Bob Ross –  Ron Crawford
Jordan Dorsey – Michael Jackson
George Michael – Michael Jackson
Elton John – John Lennon : John Lennon is wearing a false nose…

Gijs Wanders – Welten

Bernard Welten

Gijs Wanders

Anthonie Kamerling – LA voices, Wende André Hazes – Standby Spotted at a party from

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