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Michael Jackson = Paul Young/Simon Cowell or George Michael

February 2, 2011


After watching ‘She’s out of my life’ it suddenly appears to me. I am looking at Paul Young. [update: George Michael] His own mother probably wouldn’t recognise him but if you focus on his eyes and on his jaw you’ll notice it. Paul Young [edit: or George Michael]. The voice is a bit higher in pitch than expected from Paul but that is an easy trick as I have demonstrated here before with Potts/Boyle and others…


After lowering the pitch of some other Jackson songs, like ‘Black or White’ and ‘Remember the time’ with about one note, they all sound kinda Paul Young… I believe Simon Cowell is also Paul Young as I wrote before in this post. I did email him about that a while ago but never got an answer.

embrace the madness?


George Michael?

Could it be that Paul Young / Simon Cowell / George Michael have some sort of family origin? And if so, are ALL of these names not real-persons but some sort of invented artistic roles, played by a small group or family in the industry for many, many years now?

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