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Jeopardy host Alex Trebek = David Letterman = Watson?

February 16, 2011

Remember how the homeless man Ted Williams also is David Letterman?

Here David Letterman is ACTING being Alex Trebek but clearly ‘The Voice’ is very recognisable as Letterman but without the laughs.  Scary ‘numb’.

About WATSON. Are you kidding me? So they really expect us to believe that the software needed for this rather simple task is running on a basement full of supercomputers? My guess is it can run on yesterdays phones without any problem probably needing a gigabyte of data to use as a searchable database. It’s just TEXT! ASCII. Nothing fancy. A text interface searching a text database. Where is the catch?

Also, WATSON’s voice is more like 1968’s 2001:A Space Odyssey’s HAL than from the 2011 IBM state-of-the-art supercomputers…

What if the host Alex Trebek IS David Letterman but with a digital make-over! Now that is more like it. Augmented Avatar Technology.

Something similar happened on the video of Michael Jackson’s GHOSTS. They made you believe the special effects were done with makeup and masks but in the video these ‘masks’ are morphing, elastic like mr. Fantastic and clearly AUGMENTED AVATARS. And that was then…

Could it be that ALEX TREBEK is WATSON, a digital Letterman-based host…?

So maybe IBM is showcasing a virtual host. And if so could it be possible that the WHOLE show is a virtual stage? Are there limits? For sure they ain’t showing a 1980’s text adventure game here.

WATSON? What is going on?!

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