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René Shuman = Frank Boeijen

March 1, 2011

I find it hard to blog this one. I personally find it a good and professional example of an honest artistic expression.

René Shuman, 25 years ago discovered in the ‘orginal’ Idols, the Dutch SoundmixShow, created by Henny Huisman. He should earn more respect as the inventor of the genre but that’s another thing.

René Shuman started as a very decent Elvis Impersonator but has developed his own style and performance, clearly a ‘feel-good’ addition to the entertainment scene. He is Frank Boeijen. How can that be? Augmented Avatar? Or just some make-up, hair paint and STYLE? I think the latter.

Frank Boeijen and Mathilde Santing


It is under the protection of the good guys that the bad guys get to continue their fraud and bad intentions. So I feel it as my personal responsability to blog this knowing they won’t be harmed in any way because of their professional, good approach. The only problems I see are when there is charity involved. If René Shuman would be the foreman of a charity foundation that would concern me, but that’s not the case as far as I know.

O and btw, Angel Eye, the lovely wife (?) of René seems to be Irene MoorsThere are strange things happening every day.


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