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Animal Crackers, Evil Bert and Kermit…

March 3, 2011

What’s Going On?

(What’s up? Four non-blondes) Opposed to:

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!?

(1988 Bobby McFerrin)

Did anyone notice these two songs are identical with an opposite message? Ying-Yang, Loverboys, Scientology!

The Dutch government: Prime minister Mark Rutte looks like an augmented avatar where Emile Ratelband is talking with an animal crackers André van Duin mouth…

Geert Wilders as performed by Jan Marijnissen.

So democracy is more like voting on the cast of The Muppets Show than freedom of choice.

Tom Cruise is Obama, Obama is Osama and Tom Hanks is Bill Maher. And there are many, many more. All recent presidents are actors. Some celebrities are ‘taken over’ as it seems. Cult like approach. Scientology / Moon /  Satanism?

And why can’t I get ANY response from the FBI?

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