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Jigsaw / Memory / Media terrorism puzzle -1-

March 11, 2011

How many real persons can you discover in this collage?

Like to show you the latest mediapuzzle I am working on. Enjoy!

The goal is to get the right number of seats to reserve if you would invite them all on -let’s say- a cruise to South Africa or something like that on December 20th 2012…

Some hints just to help you along:

  • The Dirty Jobs voice over sounds a 100% as David Letterman..
  • Are George Michael, Michael Jackson, Paul Young and Simon Cowell in any way related to each other?
  • Is the Royal Dutch Pieter van Vollenhoven 2-faced with minister Hillen?
  • When did André Hazes pass away? Look at the picture from the STANDBY party last year…
  • Oprah, stedman, Tyne Daly, Harvey Fierstein, Dr. Phil and Rex Morgan; how many seats should you account for?
  • How are Frans Bouwer, Peter R de Vries and Schneider related to each other?

And the funny thing here is that I have many, many more puzzles to combine after this one. I think after all that maybe a small life boat would be sufficient…

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