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Hans Hillen = 1/2 Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven

April 23, 2011

The ministers from the Dutch government. What can I say? They all have some strange things going on. Most disturbing is that none of them reacts to any of the messages I send them. None. For over four months now.

Why is nobody taking the time to answer or even confirm personally that they recieved my messages?

I will take the time here to present my worries one by one. So stand by! The first one. Minister Hans Hillen.

Hans Hillen

This is the official photo of minister Hans Hillen. Now look at the left half of his face:

This half looks just like the royal Dutch mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven…

Completely different from the other half.

The problem with GOOGLE image search is that it looks like ALL photo’s are altered in some way. Something I reported before here.

As Mr. van Vollenhoven is the chairman of the The Dutch Society, Security and Police Foundation, I have tried to contact him but with no luck.

Now how on earth can this foundation work if they do not look into post from the public? Does everyone have a pile of unopened post next to them? Are they all kidnapped? Is all email under terrorists control? You tell me.

I will make a separate post about all the ways I have tried to contact local and international authorities.

I am worried.

other half

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