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HenkJan Smits = Marco Borsato?

April 23, 2011

Marco Borsato. The greatest Dutch artist ever (Quote from his Magazine). WarChild ambassador. This bothers me *a lot*.

Me and my family are big fans of Marco Borsato. His music supported me through some difficult times as I am sure counts for millions of Dutch fans. But there is something wrong…

I have contacted WarChild about two years ago about some people who were abusing his name and this organisation. It all is kinda personal so I cannot go into details here but it was impossible to get a serious reaction. It is impossible to contact Marco Borsato personally as a fan or as a worried father in my case. Yes you can order DVD’s, CD’s and read about his career but there is no way to tell him how you think about him or how much he has supported you or anything. How on earth do these celebrities keep in touch with the fans?

Also there was a picture of children playing soccer on the WarChild website in which I recognised Marco Borsato’s face being kinda overlayed on one of the kids. Shortly after me commenting on that the picture was removed… So far so good. I do not believe it was intended as something wrong, probably to protect the kid in the original photo in a bit of a  dubious way…

Then there was a news-item on the discovery of half the charity year-income of WarChild being hidden on a island somewhere on a Borsato bank account. What can I say?…

And then there is HenkJan Smits. The famous Dutch record producer who became an icon as the Dutch Simon Cowell in Idols.

I have tried to contact HenkJan Smits but his management (the only link to contact him) on december 29th 2010 denies him having anything to do with ‘ABEL’ and neglects all further emails for several months now…

Geachte heer Kreeft, beste Marcel,

onderstaande mail is mij zojuist onder ogen gekomen.
Wij behartigen de belangen van Henkjan Smits. 
Daar zowel Henkjan als wij geen idee hebben over Henkjan’s verschijning in een ABEL clip , laat staan over een Hitlergroet, zou ik graag informeren hoe u hierbij komt en waar u uw constatering op baseert.
Ik zie uit naar een spoedige reactie.

Met vriendelijke groet,
S.. H..
Talent Company BV

Listen to ‘Marco Borsato”s version of ‘Toen ik je zag’, adjusted three half tones and tell me who do you hear?: Also notice how the voice of Giel Beelen sounds ‘right’ instead of ‘SMURF’.

As a reminder, listen to Anthonie Kamerlings version also adjusted:

And Abels ‘Onderweg’, adjusted:

And  The Killers ‘Human’, adjusted:

I am worried!

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