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Ahmed Aboutaleb = Krabbé?

April 27, 2011

Ahmed Aboutaleb (born August 29, 1961) is a Dutch politician of the Labour Party (PvdA). He is the Mayor of Rotterdam since January 5, 2009. He served as State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment from February 22, 2007 until December 12, 2008 in the Cabinet Balkenende IV.

He is the first Mayor of a large city in the Netherlands who is of Moroccan, Muslim, and immigrant descent. Aboutaleb is a dual citizen (of the Netherlands and Morocco) and a practising Muslim.

Now here are two pictures of mr. Aboutaleb. The first one is the ‘official’ Wikipedia photo:

This photo reminds me a lot of Ronnie Tober! Maybe coincidence? Could be.

Now look at the second photo:

Now this picture clearly looks like a member of the famous Dutch acting/media/directors family Krabbé.

A closer examination of the photo’s reveal to me that the glasses are photoshopped on top of the faces. Something I notice more and more lately.

The two heads are not the same. Going through Google picture search reveals even more other faces. All portrayed as Aboutaleb. As I mentioned before in this post there are strange things happening with photo’s on the internet. Somehow all pictures of all celebrities I search for seem to be altered in some way. From subtile to ridiculous.  Do a search on Dr. Phil and you know what I mean.


Earlier this week I submitted my fifth and sixth official lead to the FBI and maybe I will get a response, any response, this time??

I mailed *again* the complete Dutch parlement twice about some of these disturbing things about identities of officials but again, like the past months, nothing so far.

Up till now, for about 6 months, NO OFFICIAL reactions whatsoever. Nothing. Not even a ‘you are crazy, stop bothering us’ or something to ease my mind. Nothing.

As I am living in Rotterdam, I am worried… And as I am human I am very worried about national AND international safety.

Any thoughts on this? Anybody?

I am worried…


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