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Major Dutch Political Fraud: Rightwing Geert Wilders = former Leftwing Jan Marijnissen

December 8, 2011

After receiving a confirmation from an inside source, I think I need to republish this.

Geert Wilders, Dutch PVV foreman, is Jan Marijnissen, former SP foreman.

Also notice how the ears are the same. Read this link on the value of that. Geert Wilders has an unusual high voice. This seems to be an altered pitch. Listen to the following video where the sound is adjusted and you can clearly recognize Jan Marijnissen:

Something is seriously wrong here. The past year I have tried to contact the Dutch government about this and other issues, all 150 members, several times, but other than automated responses, I have had no luck. As if there is nobody home.

This concerns me, could it be we are OCCUPIED? By a totalist regime?

Read my post on five worldwide hoaxes for more on this.

Please share your thoughts.

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