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Dutch Artists On ‘STANDBY’ since 2002 – 2006?

December 14, 2011

Something really scary is going on. Totalist media control.

I mentioned the very strange ‘killing’ of Paul de Leeuw in this post. Look at the picture, taken from a

video fragment:

For some time now, I have noticed how the famous artists are being filled in by a group of  ‘cash-dummies’ as I call them. Basic performers, filling in one of the available artists for a certain period of time, usually one or two CD’s.

It seems to me that IF you have a break-through as an independent artist, the maximum you can achieve is ONE (1) single or CD and after that you are BOUGHT. The name will be registered on the Seychelles Islands as an Intellectual Property and you are OUT.

Like Mel C. in Northern Star:

They build you up so they can tear you down.
Trust the ocean you’ll never drown.
Who is next? Who’s gonna steal your crown?
You’ll see.

They buy your dreams so they can sell your soul.
Is it any wonder we’ve lost control?
Feelings come, feelings go.

A confirmation of this seems to be the information found on the Dutch Artists-Management-company STANDBY productions. Nominated as company of the year 2011 but look at the info they provide on the artists they represent:

Arie Ribbens might have the party-hit of 2003! 

Bonnie St. Claire anno 2006:

Gerard Joling: 

GORDON: three concerts in 2006 and for 2007 even more are planned…

Vader Abraham, world-famous for his smurfs-song a long, long time ago, but very actual again because of Dutch 2001 campaign on TV with the Smurfs…:

The list goes on and on. Searching along other management-companies it looks like there is a pattern here.

It looks like the updates on all regular artists have stopped in 2002 – 2006.

I have tried to contact artists and companies about all this for several years now. You can read about my worries on several posts about Marco Borsato, HenkJan Smits and others. BUT…

No one has a direct mail address. Contacting them is impossible. Understandable now I know they are not REAL people but Intellectual Properties..

It would be like trying to contact KERMIT THE FROG or DONALD DUCK…

The mystery deepens. Not only artists are AVATARS. The same thing seems to be going on for POLITICIANS. Even worse. It looks like ALL names in ALL media are ‘taken over’… And ALL communication options are OCCUPIED.  Like the FBI, newspapers and others.

HELP! Hello? …

I feel like an Alien desperately seeking first contact… Invasion of the body snatchers, They Live!, Twilight Zone, something like that…

Repeat: Calling ELVIS: If I Can Dream…

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