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Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white? Jerry Seinfeld is Martin Lawrence and other revelations

January 22, 2013

Happy new year! 12-12-21 went by and nothing happened? Not exactly but that is another story.

Could it be that most black celebrities are actually white celebrities? I have posted some examples before but here are a few to prove my point. I do have strong clues about Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and others. Take a look at the following and watch again on TV and you’ll see it, but it is hard in the beginning to look beyond the assumptions…

Jerry Seinfeld is Martin Lawrence:

jerry seinfeld is martin lawrence

Jim Croce is Richard Pryor:

jim croce is richard pryor

Listen to ‘trucker dialogue’ and others from Jim Croce to hear where it comes from…

Jim Croce is Alain Toussaint:

jim croce is alain toussaint

No doubts here after seeing ‘songwriters circle’  from the BBC with Alain Toussaint. Jim Croce is my hero. How can this be wrong?

Jim Carrey is Denzel Washington:

jim carrey is denzel washington

Bette Midler is Whoopi Goldberg:

bette midler is whoopi goldberg

A good reason to watch ‘Sister Act’ again. Hear Bette Midler and enjoy!

And a repost: Homeless man Ted Williams – David Letterman:

As with most things, It’s not the people but the system.

Remember all media includes politics. I am worried about a possible ‘white-power’ kind of totalist thing going on for many, many years now as I have previously blogged about. I do have an inside confirmation but no way of contacting anybody, anywhere to discuss this and as long as people are not personally 101 confronted with this fraud they don’t believe it anyway.

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