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What's going on? A theory: Psychological Holocaust

What if there is a group of modern ‘nazi’s’ who want to execute a holocaust but in a psychological way? And if so how would they do that?

That way would be to define the modern jews as the ‘normal’ people with ‘normal’ feelings which they consider as a weakness. Emotions can be manipulated.

How can they execute a ‘holocaust’ without being responsible?  In other words: how can you kill many people and get away with it? You can by letting them kill themself and others by creating the conditions and using propaganda techniques provoking this.

How can you persuade someone to perform suicide? In a psychological way you can by letting them play roles in the normal world. Convince ‘normal’ people that they are special and gifted and must ‘help’ others by using these gifts acting, and in reality they will feel excluded from society and instead of feeling ‘more’ than others, others will be devaluated (since we consider ourselves as only being normal). At that point the group who is given more rights or more identities is vulnerable for negative propaganda. Loosing reality not being able to feel the honour will turn them into ‘zombies’. Living dead.

I have seen multiple examples of this acting surrounding me and what do you do as a mother when you comply to the acting? You want your children to be with you and they must act to. So by convincing the mothers to perform ‘psychosuicide’ they will essentially kill their children. In a psychological way that is. 2 – nill for the psycho terrorists.  The thing with these cult-techniques is by the time you realize it is wrong, you are trapped and it is too late to escape from it.

Acting in real-life makes everything indirect. Direct is positive, indirect is negative.

So if you use this ‘psychoterror’ on a group of  ‘jews’ and manipulate them to redirect their frustration on to the other ‘jews’ you essentially have reached your goal. Being Adolf Hitler with a degree in mass manipulation psychology or something,..

This resembles the cult techniques as described by Robert Jay Lifton. It is self-fulfilling, self expanding and self-destructive.  Democracy, human rights or laws do not protect us against this in the current definition. It is not that some of us have less rights or some of us have more rights, it is the devaluation of others and the manipulations at that point that’ll do the trick. Frustration turning into projected envy, anger and repression.

If so, WHO is doing this to us? Considering the things that are going to happen in 2012 that I think I know, could it be related to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings?

I’m worried.

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